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Dose Discovery Process

What dose of ketamine is ideal for me?

Our dose discovery process is central to our program. We use the highest quality compounding pharmacy methods and real patient data to determine a safe and effective starting dose.

We then adjust the dose based on your experiences. This is why you receive your 6 doses of ketamine in 3 sequential shipments.

There are a number of factors that can determine your dose including:

  • We collect real patient data to drive evidenced-based starting dose ranges
  • Factoring in your comfort or anxiety with starting the journey
  • Your previous experiences with infusions and other psychedelic experiences
  • Medication history and interactions
  • Medical concerns and issues you may have

Your dosage is unique and personalized with your experience with ketamine.

Your medical team will find the most optical starting point before your first experience.

You will fill out an Experience Tracker form after your 1st, 3rd, and 6th experiences and will be in communication with our Medical Director, Dr. Hassan in between shipments to ensure you are receiving the ideal ketamine dosage for you.

What are the doses in each shipment?

The first shipment contains a single dose. This first dose will likely produce a mild to moderate psychedelic response.

However, it may also produce nil perceptible psychedelic response. Don’t worry, this is all part of the dose discovery process. Some people have a higher psychedelic threshold.

The beneficial effects of ketamine combine the medicine’s neurobiological effects along with the experience. During the dose discovery process, rest assured that the starting doses are in the proper range to produce the neurobiological effects to improve neural connections. With each dose, there is a cumulative positive effect.

What we continue to optimize for is the experience.

How we do that is through a simple HIPAA compliant, the digital form you will submit after the first experience. This is called the Experience Tracker Form and can be found in the welcome email after your medical consultation.

If you take advantage of the scheduling feature for your experiences, we’ll automatically send the Experience Tracker form link to you after your experience.

Importantly, scheduling your experiences also sends you helpful information and support at the right time.

After you submit the Experience Tracker form, we will review the details of your experience and create a plan for your second shipment which containing your second and third dose. You’ll receive a secure message so that you can review the plan and ask any questions before we send out the medication. Once you receive your second shipment, you’ll continue the program with your second and third experiences as planned.

After your third experience, you’ll once again fill out the experience tracker form so we can complete the dose discovery process and fine-tune your dose for your 3rd shipment. We will again send a secure message allowing you to confirm the plan. You will then receive your 3rd shipment containing the 4th, 5th, and 6th dose of the program.

The optimal dosing for your ketamine experiences is having one experience every 2-5 days. The beneficial metabolites of ketamine last about 10-14 days, so plan your sessions about twice a week to compound the benefits. Ideally, you’ll complete your initial program in 3-4 weeks.

What is the range of the doses?

Our dose ranges from 2.0 to 7.0 mg/kg body weight, and your medical team will help you find the ideal place to start. We have the data from our infusion clients to help people find the optimal experience. The majority of our at-home patients can achieve similar experiences to their intravenous infusions based on our dosing.

If would like to find out more, please ask your medical practitioner or send an email to support@myketaminehome.com

Updated on December 23, 2020

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