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Preparation Guide for your First Experience

Introduction to your Guide

We have created this guide to help you along with your journey for a mental reset. This is your time to explore what’s under the surface, interrupt the constant stream of thoughts, and to help quiet the voice in your mind. These states of mind provide a new, healthier perspective. That’s the true value of a psychedelic.

Things to know before beginning

  • Make sure you have completed all the medical documentation, you can read and watch more about it here.
  • We adjust your dose based on your experience, learn more about the dose discovery process here
  • Avoid eating for 3-4 hours prior to help limit nausea.
  • Expect the experience to last about 2 hours, however, everyone’s response is different and it may be shorter or longer, even up to 6 hours in rare cases. With this in mind, don’t operate any heavy machinery, or use any sharp or dangerous tools for 12 hours.
  • Use the bathroom ahead of time, and avoid any distractions during your session.

The Experience Overview

Our advice in preparing for an experience is trusting in the therapeutic process and letting go of resistance. Let your mind go and see what you discover. 

Having the support of a counselor during this time can help make the most of this process. It can help you make meaning from what comes up and shape your story. People begin to feel unburdened after their first few experiences. 

But keep in mind, relief isn’t always instantaneous, it’s a process. Give the compounding effects of the six experiences a chance. This is the time to introduce daily habits from meditation, some form of exercise, and proper nutrition and sleep to keep the momentum going in your new path. 

Bad experiences are possible. Many of us have struggled with pain and trauma and are looking for a way to let it go. These experiences can put us into contact with those feelings. While this can be difficult, we don’t consider this a “bad trip, or bad experience.” In the therapeutic context, this is a way to heal from these experiences by connecting with them, in the proper setting with the right support. Here more than ever, having a counselor on your team can help you process these feelings and really leave behind what’s holding you back. 

Something to keep in mind with ketamine are its unique physical effects. Ketamine has some short-lived properties that last about the duration of its mental effects. These include blurry vision, impaired balance and motor skills, and mild to moderate increase in heart rate and blood pressure. We provide an anti-nausea medication that you can take 15 minutes prior to your session to help limit any nausea. If you are still nauseous tell your medical team and we can adjust the dose. 

If you have a history of high blood pressure let your medical team know so we can keep an eye on your blood pressure response to ketamine as we adjust the dose. Some people complain of headaches or dizziness, but these quickly resolve on their own without any intervention. 

For all these reasons, the ideal scenario is preparing ahead of time by using the bathroom, getting comfortable on a couch or bed, and not getting up and walking around during an experience. You are at increased risk of falls during a ketamine experience. Always ask your sitter for help if you need anything at all.

Set Yourself Ready For Your Psychedelic Experience

Pick a time of day when the house is quiet and you don’t have any other responsibilities. Set aside time for you. Use a sleeping mask to block out light, and use headphones to connect with our meditation apps and specially designed playlist for your experience.

These simple practices will help you have a deeper and more introspective journey, and prevent the outside world from distracting you. 

Make sure your sitter is close-by to assist you if you need anything. When you’re ready, read the pharmacy label to make sure you have the correct dose of ketamine and place the tablets in your mouth. The moisture in your mouth will help rapidly dissolve the tablets. If necessary, take a small sip of water to dissolve the medicine fully. Let the liquid medicine absorb under the tongue for about 90 seconds before swallowing.

The taste may not be ideal, but dissolving the medicine in your mouth improves absorption.

The time following the experience is a perfect opportunity to journal any fleeting thoughts. If you can’t remember some or even most of the experience, don’t worry this is common. The experience shapes us on an unconscious level and you’ll notice the effects over the next few days. Take this time to reconnect with the things and people that make you happy.

Practice a new habit, and do something for yourself. Ketamine is a catalyst, but you are the one driving the change.

Updated on March 29, 2021

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