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Setting an Optimal Environment (Music and Meditation App)

Setting your environment for your experiences is critical to an optimal journey. Your mindset entering into a ketamine experience plays a large role in determining the direction it takes.

Our music is designed to help you relax and allow yourself to explore a new perspective with a healing sound track. It helps you navigate this space with ease.

Please remember to use Spotify premium to avoid ads. You can always sign up for a free trial here.

Use a Meditation App

Set yourself up for success and discover tangible ways to make the most of your experience. These experiences help you directly observe shifts in consciousness.

Meditation is the study of consciousness. Used together, this can be a productive and sustainable way to develop a healthier and more peaceful outlook.

We recommend a 10-minute meditation prior to your session. 

Listen to one of our favorite meditation teachers:

Or explore a meditation app that suits you:

Updated on March 29, 2021

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